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2023 Public Program

Thursday 27th July

Thursday 27 July


Launch for ‘Confluence’ with E.merge agency

Join us at the Opening Party of our flagship festival at Collingwood Yards to celebrate this gathering of community with a music program curated by E.merge agency. Open to all ages and free to attend we welcome everyone to celebrate the 15th year of our flagship festival.


A trailblazing new "Australian” booking agency emerging out of the program supported by Yarra Youth Services we have an impressive line up of music curated by E.merge agency who come together through a love of music and their diaspora communities, to lift up young artists. Though all different, when E.merge are together something beautiful happens, generating o a third space facilitated by the young people that make up the agency. Existing within many intersections, learning and collaborating on a new culture born from their passions, knowledge and movement, the founders of this new youth talent agency, e.merge, are thrilled to curate the music for GSPF opening: Local artists, Global sounds

Time: 5.30 PM- 8.30 PM

Location: Collingwood Yards, 35 Johnston St Fitzroy, Naarm

Register Here

We will begin the festivities with a warm Welcome to Country from the Wurundjeri Council, honouring the custodians of the land, which will be Auslan interpreted as Fire pits keep us warm while Indulging your taste buds with delicious Cameroonian West African soul food provided by Vola Foods. Enjoy an exclusive beverage crafted by Long Prawn for GSPF, adding a unique flavour to the evening!

As night falls after the opening event,  you can join the Artists for a walk up to Gertrude Street to celebrate and experience the premiere of their Artworks on site.

Please RSVP for this free event for all ages and join us for a memorable night of Art, music, food, and community at our Opening Party at Collingwood Yards!

Friday 28 July

Performance - ‘The Arse is Present’ by artist R.C

GSPF 23 X Rose Chong Costumier X The Huxley's

For two brief pandemic years, R.C fancied herself as an artist, and assumed the name of ARSEY. Despite initial signs of promise, there are now obvious signs of dismal failure and R.C is now retreating to her former life as a costumier. ARSEY’s homage to a more successful artist, Marina Abramovis inspired this  activation - her final stab at art.

The Huxley's will join R.C. from 9-10pm for a live performance in front of their paste-up installation at Rose Chong. 

Time: 6pm onwards

Location: Rose Chong Costumiers window

Saturday 29th July 

Black Queer Futures —
GSPF23 X Composite: A Conversation

Please join us in an engaging afternoon with Artist and Curator Kate ten Buuren in a conversation with GSPF 2019 Artist & Centre for Projection Art creative advisor Peter Waples Crowe and GSPF 2023 artist & Centre for Projection Art Resident artist Lilah Benetti. The panel members will be exploring Black Queer Identities and Futurity through their practices and interests existing at an intersection of screen based mediums and presentation in public spaces and community contexts.

Time: 4PM - 5:30 PM 

Location: Composite Moving Image and Media Bank, Collingwood Yards, 35 Johnson St, Collingwood, Naarm, VIC

Register Here

GSPF 23 X WOLF (Women of Love and Fury) Roaming Choir

Take a walk down Gertrude Street and discover the vocal warmth of the Women of Love and Fury choir singing with the artworks on display at various exhibition sites.

Time: 6:30 pm onwards

Location: Various locations on Gertrude Street

Thursday 3rd August

Thursday 3rd August

Hit List: Greatest Hits. A screening of video artworks by local artists.

Hit List: Greatest Hits (2023) is a compilation of the previous screenings ‘Play with Me’, ‘Fame Monster’ and ‘Second Life’. It features works from Tim Hardy, Carmen-Sibha Keiso, Gabrielle Skye Nehrybecki, Harry Huges and Moss Lasica Wood alongside sourced material.

Time: 6 PM - 9 PM 

Location: Composite Moving Image and Media Bank

Address: Collingwood Yards, 35 Johnston St, Collingwood, Naarm

Register Here

Friday 4th August

Friday 4th August

Yalinguth Live at GSPF 

Do you know the important Aboriginal history of Gertrude Street? To hear the story of this street is to understand the history of this country.


As the sun goes down and Gertrude Street lights up, join Yalinguth for an immersive story walk, seeing places illuminated, and hearing stories, songs and poems that shaped the Black Power/ Aboriginal Rights Movement along this iconic street!

On Friday 4th August, guided by Jason Tamiru, we’ll begin at 5.30pm at the historical Fig Tree in Carlton Gardens on the corner of Gertrude St and Nicholson St. As we move along Gertrude Street we’ll also hear (via loudspeaker) stories, songs and poems shared by many Elders in the Yalinguth app. The walking tour will conclude at around 7.30pm at The Builders Arms Hotel, with time to refresh before you head out to explore the Projection Festival!

This event is proudly supported by the Gertrude Street Projection Festival.

General Admission $45

Mob Tickets $25

L.O.L. Roaming Choir.

Take a walk down Gertrude Street and discover the vocal warmth of the Women of Love and Fury choir singing with the artworks on display at various exhibition sites.

Time: 6:30 PM onwards

Location: Gertrude Street, Various Locations

Yalinguth X GSPF Event 2023.png

Photo of Yalinguth at GSPF2022 by Matto Lucas

Time: 5:30 PM onwards

Location: Gertrude Street, Various Locations

Saturday 5th August


Death Shroud for a Ship by Melody Woodnutt

A four channel immersive sound and light installation that plays with 16mm analogue projector light to metaphorically complete the construction of a ship that was unfinished by her grandfather.

Two new works by Melody Woodnutt include a streetside projection on Gertrude Street alongside an installation work of expanded cinema within the Mission to Seafarers Norla Dome called, Fata Morgana and Death Shroud for a Ship, respectively. These works sit within a new series called Celestial Bodies which tie together the sea and the cosmos as vast bodies that sit above and below an ascending yet sinking ship. It is a poetic attempt to embrace glittering spectral bodies; at once our own and all else born of dead stars. Created as haunting silvery vessels of sound, 16mm expanded cinema, strobe, fog, a death shroud, and digital projection.

Time: Installation  open from 12PM onwards

Join us for drinks from 6:30 PM 

Location: Mission to Seafarers, Norla Dome, 717 Flinders St, Docklands, Narrm, VIC 

Register Here

Sunday 6th August

GSPF23 Live Performances [ on site ]

Chantal Bala


Chantal Bala has created a performative piece intending to showcase the freedom of expression and authenticity through the lens of dance movement. She draws in different dance styles such as Afro dance, Vogue femme, Hip hop and her own choreographic style as a display of the development and explorative processes many artists go through before mastering their selves and their craft, much like the journey of life. The increase of energy and input into each choreography represents the enlightenment an individual goes through once they begin to let go, trust themselves and allow their conscious to just ‘create’. The climax, represented by her own choreographic style represents the art of self-trust, self-awareness and self-mastery.


Time: 6.30 - 6.45 PM

Address: Porters Paint Laneway 
167 Gertrude St, Fitzroy 

Register Here

De la tierra que me vió nacer a la tierras que me vieron crecer y el cielo que me cubre. (Of the land that witnessed my birth to the lands that witnessed my growth and the sky that covers me), 2023

Film and performance

Juan Rodriguez Sandoval

Juan Rodriguez Sandoval explores the tapestry of his artistic vision, from which a triangulating work emerges, drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing dance of the flying pole (Palo Volador) in Guatemala. It stands as a catalyst, igniting the practice of futurist spirituality, ritual, dance, indigenism, immigration, and the celebration of transnational cultures and radical internationalism.

Time: 7.10 - 7.30 PM

Address: Porters Paint Laneway 

167 Gertrude St, Fitzroy  

Register Here

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