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Juan Rodriguez Sandoval

De la tierra que me vió nacer a la tierras que me vieron crecer y el cielo que me cubre.

(Of the land that witnessed my birth to the lands that witnessed my growth and the sky that covers me), 2023

Film, Audio and Performance

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Within the tapestry of my artistic vision, a triangulating work emerges, drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing dance of the flying pole (Palo Volador) in Guatemala. It stands as a catalyst, igniting the practice of futurist spirituality, ritual, dance, indigenism, immigration, and the celebration of transnational cultures and radical internationalism.

This work transcends earthly boundaries, dwelling on the sentient possibilities of terre-celestial beings. It envisions uncharted skies, where celestial borders and "restricted spaces" cease to exist. Layers intertwine through futurist prayer, juxtaposing regional and suburban cultures—the domesticated and colonial versus the post-colonial and anarchic, all radiating with mesmerizing beauty.

Championing the mystic forces of future folklore narratives, this work weaves together the rich tapestry of contemporary stories. It unveils the complexities and vitality of the intricate ecosystems found within the "skyscape." Each brushstroke of my artistic expression pays homage to the essence of Guatemalism, imagining its enticing manifestations within Australia's future in the coming years.

As this creation takes shape, it invites viewers to step into a realm where imagination soars and possibilities abound. It is an offering, an invitation to explore the uncharted territories of the spirit, to bridge the gaps between cultures and histories, and to embrace a future where boundaries are dissolved, replaced by the harmonious dance of diverse voices and untamed beauty.

In this work, the flying pole becomes more than a physical act—it becomes a symbol of transcendence, a conduit for connection, and a celebration of the boundless human spirit. It beckons us to reimagine our world and invites us to dance with the stars, guided by the transformative power of art and the unifying force of shared dreams.

167 Gertrude St, Fitzroy (Porter's Paints)

6PM- 12AM

Artist Bio

Juan Rodriguez Sandoval is a Latin-Australian interdisciplinary environmental artist from Guatemala. Based in Brayakaulung country, Victoria, he's committed to creating art that sparks societal change. Juan's practice combines social engagement, imaginative world-building, and environmental sovereignty. He uses earthly, bio-organic matter, and found materials with unique geographic and historical significance. Valuing material sovereignty, he employs sustainable approaches like recycling and upcycling to promote ecological awareness.His aim is to leave a rich, sustainable legacy and inspire others to dream and create.

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