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Gertrude Street Projection Festival is presented by a team of dedicated volunteers and Centre for Projection Art's core team, alongside the broader support through the considered attention of our artistic committee, the board, the local community, traders, and a series of sponsors.


2023 staff and volunteers:

Priya Namana, Rebeca Sacchero, Dhariz Manalo, Anatol Pitt, Debris Facility, Jodi Kashani, Sol Fernandez, Reibang Chakma, Derek Shiel, Jaime Sacchero, Rebecca Tattersall, Brendan Cameron, Ponie Curtis, Mingjia Zhang, Sadaf Armanpanah, Yiling Wang, Monique O'Keeffe, WooHyun Kang, Beatrice Oi Lam Tsa, Irene Ferguson, Irene Li, Liyin Zuo, Lena Stumpf, Obi Herron, Pham An Hao Nguyen, Olivia Fenwick, Zihui Chen, Alicia Lopez, Gala Jane, Hongqi Ge, Shannon Towell, Yanlu Liu, Jacob Mullins, Olivia Fenwick, Freya Mcleod, Hanna Gardiner, Brandon Anderson, Naomi Mendoza.

ode to decay1.png

Enlivening Decay, 2023.

Digital Video – The ElectroPoetics

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