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Victorian College of Arts Interactive Animation Students

Digital Animations, 2023,Video stills

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (Animation) involves the practical exploration, innovation and development of animated screen production. It incorporates research, idea development, screenwriting, storyboarding, character design and other forms of creative expression through intensive studio-based learning. Each year, the students produce a short narrative film as well as explore different forms of visual storytelling. Part of this exploration includes computer generative art, sound design and interactive art installations. Through the course, the students find their creative voice.

We are so thrilled to present a showcase of these exciting graduating works in collaboration with the staff and students at VCA as part of GSPF 2023.

Composite, Upper Ground Floor,  

Collingwood Yards,

35 Johnston Street, Colllingwood

30th + 31st July

6th + 7th August

12PM - 4PM

Courtyard (lift shaft),

Collingwood Yards,

35 Johnston Street, Colllingwood

27th July - 6th August

6PM- 11PM

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