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Sal Cooper, Love Notes, 2022_1.jpg


53 Gertrude Street, Ngár-go (Fitzroy)


Sal Cooper is an interdisciplinary artist who has been practising for fifteen years with a focus on screen-based works. Cooper's wide-ranging cross-platform practice covers independent filmmaking, hand-drawn and stop-motion animation, installation and performative events. Her work utilises observational language that expresses deliberate misunderstandings, absurd irregularities and comic abstractions. She employs complex and refined production techniques to project a lyrical depth and meaning onto objects and landscapes - fully exploring the imaginative possibilities of the ordinary world around us.

Love Notes, 2022

Love Notes is a dark, tender, sinewy and abstract choreography between animals. Cooper explores the intersection between perceptions of joy and anger, playfulness and aggression while considering how these emotional dichotomies are received and experienced by the viewer. These animals exhibit a compelling natural exhilaration and rabid joy. The animals stir up a deep hole in the cool contemporary aesthetic like that which pervades our public spaces.

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