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188-196 Gertrude Street, Ngár-go (Fitzroy)


Rachel Main's artistic practice is rooted in storytelling and connection, and at its core are the relationships and the communities she is engaged with. Main is interested in process, participation and collaboration, with her practice spanning photography and video. Much of Main’s work has involved Krump and other dance forms which focus on how emotion, gesture and movement are communicated and experienced.

Surface, 2020

Emerging. Slowly. Hesitant to touch. Reclaiming familiar places. The months have been heavy and time has circled us, slow and fast. And how do we create in these moments? How do we dance, play and connect? How do we stand apart when our bodies naturally come together? How do we navigate the surfaces and spaces that made us afraid?


Surface engages with six dancers/choreographers and responds to anxiety, fear and anticipation intrinsically felt whilst transitioning in and out of lockdown. Conceptual ideas associated with touch, social distancing and surface areas are explored through movement and cinematography resulting in a collaboratively created dance video. Its sequences are dreamy, soft and fluid. Intimacy and vulnerability are celebrated as the dancers explore their own body, their connection to each other and the environment around them.

Director, Producer, Cinematography, Editing: Rachel Main; Choreography: Jennifer Ma; Dance and Choreography: Aleena Panagopoulos, Daisuke Benson, Dinah Teofilo, Kiki Targé, Phillip Egan-Makaafi; Assistant Director and Cinematography: Lizbeth Calingasan; Drone: Zac Britt; Colour: Chris Bennett; Score: ML Hall.

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