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There has been a change brewing within the Krump community around Australia. A small army of female Krumpers have emerged through the female-only Zero Sessions. The collective is here to challenge the status quo of Krump, resist broader ideas about femininity and power and disrupt social norms regarding the female body and how it can be used in dance. This work is a collaboration between artist Shuttermain and the Melbourne Zero Session community and explores how Krump can be used as both an act of resistance and solidarity.




Aleena Panagopolulos

Ariadne Concha

Desiree Dolenzo

Kayla Hamilton

Lesley Huang

Shiona Oosha Raj

Suisse Lacerna

Troi-Saraih Ilsley

Shuttermain (Rachel Main) is a photographer, filmmaker and educator based in Melbourne. For 10 years she has been documenting the Melbourne and Australian Krump community, capturing the culture and the lives of the dancers. This work has been exhibited across Australia, named as a semi-finalist in the Moran Prize, shortlisted in the Australian Photography Awards, published in Blow Up magazine and collected by both the State Library of Victoria and private collectors.


The Melbourne Zero Sessions offer a safe space for females to explore the culture of Krump. Led by 5RNDZ, B-Gum and Mz Artimez, the sessions allow women to learn the foundations and dance with zero judgement and expectation. The Zero Sessions were founded in Sydney in 2017 by Lady Red and Nova, and the Melbourne chapter was established in 2018. This movement has created a sisterhood and offered a supported gateway for females to the Krump community.