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Luigi Vescio, The year we didn_t work together, 2020._1.jpg

62 Smith Street, Yálla-birr-ang (Collingwood)


Luigi Vescio is an interdisciplinary artist, choreographer, educator and 2019 Green Room Awards nominated performer creating works for theatres, galleries, digital, and outdoor spaces. Vescio's process-driven approach negotiates the animate and inanimate, materiality and immateriality, intent and unknowing. Vescio's work predominantly manifests as live performance, installation, moving image, and participatory encounters. Vescio has been supported by Australia Council for the Arts, Creative Victoria, Ian Potter Cultural Trust, Chunky Move, Temperance Hall, Dancehouse, PACT, EIRA (Portugal). Vescio completed a Master of Contemporary Art at Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne (2020) and a Diploma in Dance Performance from New Zealand School of Dance (2013). His work sits in the Nillumbik Art Collection.

The year we didn't work together, 2020

In an increasingly digital age, the future of touch is unstable. In The year we didn't work together Vescio embraces the screen as a necessary partner, recognising humans and the screen as a multi-species partnership during an age of hyper-connectivity and exhibitionism. Throughout 2020 and 2021 Covid-19 lockdowns fracture habitual patterns, and creative and social networks, allowing a reflection on learned expectations of artistic production and consumption. Vescio leaned into the potential of collaborating with the past self through tangibly working with his archive.


The year we didn't work together became a means to explore queer approaches for practising intimacy and collaboration within an increasingly digital and physically isolated landscape. Radical softness is the tension between a passionate yearning for desire and physical intimacy while coming to terms with oneself, one's solitude and the reality of their environment. The two selves, physical and digital, are fragmented across time and space while bound in material and poetic dialogue.

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