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Leanne Bock, Patience and Solitude, 2021_2.jpg


37 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy, Ngár-go (Fitzroy)


Leanne Bock aka Le Riquiqui, is a visual artist and designer, drawing from transient lived experience, the magic of the everyday and collective circumstance, expressed through ordinary objects and light projection. Bock uses what is at hand, embracing a makeshift, lo-fi aesthetic, creating a democratic visual language with inherent freedom, playfulness and absurdity.

Patience and Solitude, 2021

Patience and Solitude emerges from an obsessive habit of playing patience (solitaire) to self-soothe. The somatic rhythm, meditative focus, gridded order, and measured control evoke addictive calming waves. But below the fragile veneer of order is an absurd personal and collective sense of losing control of reality, a conflation of mounting personal anxieties and global crises. When restricted to domestic spaces, repeated robotic mundane routines are punctuated by messy expressions of vulnerability, frustration, longing, love, hope and unusual makeshift coping mechanisms. Banal domestic objects have a curious way of reflecting individual concerns and interconnected global conditions and systems, exposing elusive complexities of everyday life, connecting specificities to totalities. Confined to the top of a coffee table, Patience and Solitude playfully convey a private, inner dialogue within collective conditions, exploring constructed realities, fragilities, and constant states of change.

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