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227 Gertrude Street, Ngár-go (Fitzroy)


Henry Wolff’s practice is concerned with images that articulate vulnerability in their participation in the world/s and of their collaborators. With an empathetic observational methodology, they produce moving image, photographic and performance works that attend to the power of marginality and diffraction within society. Through attention to human connection, they explore entangled experiences of being and foster the moral virtues of compassion, care, and love.

Lachrymal, 2022

Lachrymal reaches out towards rapture, through queer desire, to revel in the experience of rendering oneself vulnerable to another. This underwater multi-channel moving image offers space that dreams of uninhibited gay love, where desire drives wet bodies towards promises of connection and transformation.


Meaning, pertaining to tears, Lachrymal re-positions our understanding of this fluid world, questioning its relationship to the protagonists. We are reminded of the mutability of tears. That although their functional capacities, they are offered by the body as an insight into the deeper emotional landscapes of their bearer. Here, the images behave as tears do, enunciating visions into deeper narratives of both the protagonists and the artist. Through this allegorical form, Lachrymal searches for the vulnerability of loving, of reaching out, holding one’s breath, for moments of solidity in an unstable, liquid world.

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