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2022 A Soft Pulse

Gertrude Street Projection Festival 2022 grounds in unapologetic, intimate and sensitive displays of care grounding itself in conversations and storytelling. {A Soft Pulse} lands and brings together our artists, collaborators and partners to celebrate and explore our relationship with ourselves as the grounding for relationships with others. Featuring new work from a diverse range of practitioners, these public activations work towards engaging the audience into the private worlds of the selected artists. This year’s projections will be accessible from Gertrude street and surround, inviting audiences to consider the moments presented by the selected artists.


Anna Schwann, Anne Wagner, Billy Raffin, Bon Mott _/\_, Corrie Wright, Edwina Green, Freya Pitt, Henry Wolff, Honey Long x Prue Stent, Jen Valender, Josef Gatti, Kathy Holowko, Le Riquiqui, Luigi Vescio, Rachel Main, Samuel James, Sal Cooper, Spencer Harrison, Susan Maco Forrester x CUBBIES, Lucreccia Quintanilla, K-BABY, Miranda Skye, La Boite Choir.

Festival Crew

Priya Namana, Eleanor Scicchitano, Catriona Black-Dinham, Teagan Ramsay, Jo Leishman, Justine Walsh, Rubi Dinardo, Sol Fernandez, Candice Rhea, Yandell Walton, Kenneth Suico, Dhariz Manalo, Carl Knox, James Power, Rebecca Tattersall, Bernie Phelan, Edwina Bartlem, Bridget Hanna, Toby Benador, Elise Murphy, Roy Reekie, Nicole Warren, Ann Nguyen, Sam Kariotis, Chelsea O'day, Jess Riley, Brendon Cameron, Beverley Soroczuk, Adam Coutts, Yuk Yiu Elly Wun, Lydia Kerrell-Vaughan, Edwina Jackson

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