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2021 Past Presents Futures

Gertrude Street Projection Festival 2021 hits fast forward to 500 years from here, asking artists for speculative visions far beyond the now and considers the importance of constructs such as colour, race, gender, sexuality, age, ability, class and nationality. People and our environments are the impetus for project responses. How are they manifested in your future? What have you managed to take with you and what have you left behind in this new utopia? Or has it all gone to hell and you want to warn us all of Skynet!?


Wesley Dowling, Maia Kjendle, Kirsten Garner Little, Brody Xarhakos, Glynn Urquhart x Peter Waples-Crowe, Ry Wilkin, I Dream in RGB, Susan Maco Forrester x CUBBIES, James Henry x Graham BJ Braybon x Chris Barker, Billy Raffin, Rory Daniel, Alice Duncan, Jen Valender, J.Rosenbaum, Tom Blachford, Zoe Mars, Jay Tettamanti, Jonathan Homsey, Autumn Tansey, Matthew Newkirk, Steven Rhall, Rubbed Genie, Sonny O’brien, H.Mur, James Raftopoulos, Tom Bourke, Angela McNiece.

Festival Crew

Bianca Bowman, Jacob Tolo, Chantal Wynter, Teagan Ramsey, Jay Tettamanti, Catriona Black-Dinham, Christiane Carr, Louise Choi, Marty de Jesus, Kenneth Suico, Joli Boardman, Candice Cooke, Yandell Walton, Peter Waples-Crowe, Alison Bennett, Fiona Hillary, Atong Atem, Chris Parkinson, Rebecca Tattersall, Bernie Phelan, Edwina Bartlem, Bridget Hanna, Toby Benador, Elise Murphy, Roy Reekie, Nicole Warren.

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