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2019 Resist. Persist. Shift.

Through themes of desire, disruption and subversion, Gertrude Street Projection Festival 2019 explored and negotiated the notion of resistance within our changing social, environmental, political and urban landscapes. Including a series of participatory projections, video games, and virtual reality works, artists pushed the art form of projection into new realms, while questioning constricting structures, pushing back against the status quo, and giving strength to fluid identities.


Atong Atem, Caroline Mcgrath, Tutu Collective (Charlie Fry and Jacob Tolo), Chris Parkinson with Jamal Twycross-Smith, CVES (Daniel Roberts), Eric Hynynen, Holly Cuthbertson, James Henry, Jenna Eriksen, Jutta Pryor, Linda Loh, Proximity Collective (Louis Grope, Shannon May Powell, Marley Sheridan), Matt Daly, Nina Maskiell, Mishka Beckmann, Rachel Main with Melbourne Zero Sessions (Aleena Panagopolulos, Ariadne Concha, Desiree Dolenzo, Kayla Hamilton, Lesley Huang, Shiona Oosha Raj, Suissee Lacerna, Troi-Saraih Ilsley,) Rhys Newling, Sal Cooper, Salote Tawale, Skate Odyssey, Susannah Langley and Warren Armstrong, T-Dog eXtreme, Taloi Havini, Tom Civil, Yandell Walton, Yusi Zang, Artlife (Alisha O’Neill, Amy Guthrie, Chelsea Michelle, Daniel Munnery, Emily Dober, Pamela Debrimcat, Paul Sunderland, Teagan Connor, Wade Cameron, David Pennay). Bianca Raffin, Nakier Chol, Brody Xarhakos, Ror Akot, Akolda Bil, Natasha Brennfleck, Annie Edney, Anna Thomson, Fitzroy High School, Michael Fikaris, Yarra Youth Service’s Graffiti Diversion Program.

Jah Tung & The Natural Order, C.Frim, Drip Squad, Girl Zone, AKB, Ror, Unleish & Lil fright night, CUTS OF CHAOS (XBrodyX), Kaymi, Style’n’Grace, YAW FASO, Muma Doesa, Zue$, YFA, Hendrix Soul, DJ Smilez, AKB, Brent / Culture Evolves Performance, Pixel Angel (VJ), Radiance (VJ). Chelsea Hickman, Yarra Youth Services Fashion Program.

Festival Crew

Bianca Bowman, Molly Braddon, Jay Tettamanti, Rylan Beckensale, Julia Gregg, Cat Black-Dinham, George Bradshaw, Yandell Walton, Peter Waples-Crowe, Alison Bennet, Fiona Hillary, Chris Parkinson, Candice Cooke, Jade Bitar, Rachel Iampolski, LD Temos, Gabrielle Nolan, Angela Barnett, Tim Bishop, Bernie Phelan, Irina Agaronyan, Nicole Breedon, Lee Ramseyer Bache and Projection Teknik

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