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2018 GSPF Mini

Gertrude Street Projection Festival brought together a mini but ambitious nocturnal playground of interactive installations and projection art. Lighting up the Atherton Gardens, this year featured a range of immersive kaleidoscopic projections that highlighted the public housing estate and responded to audience participation. The wider community was invited to play with and observe the bouncing colours to help reduce the stigma around public housing.


Kate Geck, Madeleine Cleeve Gerkens, Daniella Raniti, Jamaru Digital, Jacob Coppedge (JADABOII,) Simon Beuve, Samuel Frazer, Brody X, Vinyl Vixens Jr, HendriX, Ror Akot, Genre Spanner and the young artists from Richmond Public Housing Estate, Annie Edney.

Festival Crew

Bianca Bowman, Nicky Pastore, Lloyd Marsden, Aphrodite Feros-Fooke, Rachel Iampolski, Irina Agaronyan, Tim Bishop, David Separovic, Chris Parkinson, Angela Barnett, Lee Ramseyer Bache, Justine Gorman, Beck Storer & Irina Agaronyan

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