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2012 Element

What are the elements that make us? Artists were challenged to look beyond the basic elements of earth, wind, water, and fire to explore complex elements that shape our environment and humanity. Encapsulating everything that makes up the Gertrude street community - the physical, the ephemeral, the brave, the crazy, the passionate - the results were projections and installations which explored emotional and psychological narratives that highlighted the streetscape.


Yandell Walton, Autumn Tansey, Olaf Meyer & Richard De Souza, Cam Thompson & Sandra Duncason, Richie Cyngler, Sabina Maselli, Timmon Owler, Darren Eaton, Joanna Short, Thomas Russell, Arika Waulu, Amanda Morgan, Walter Kadiki, Lindsay Cox, Medina Sumovic, Russell Grey Goodman, Jarrod Factor, Nick Azidis, Jacqueline Mitelman, Rod McNicol, Stewart Russell & Sarah Lewis, RMIT + Reutlingen University, Fitzroy Computer Clubhouse, Art Day South, Artful Dodgers Studios, Angela Barnett, Andrew Buchanan, Darren Ballingall, Christian Rubino, Chris Mackellar, The Chongettes, Aimee Fairman, Thomas Russell, Elizabeth Pedler, Kate Geck, Trewlea Peters.

Bluebottles, Ally Oop, Psychopop Since The River, Miles Brown, DJ Press Gang, DJ Chuckles, Isobel Knowles (VJ), Jilli Rose (VJ), Sophia Mcinerney (VJ), Project Obscura (VJ), Richard De Souza (VJ)

Festival Crew

Kym Ortenburg, Stephanie Cox, Yandell Walton, Luke Hodge, Kerryn McMillian, Joanna Gould, Olaf Meyer, Ally Murphy, Angela Barnett, Sabrina Maselli, Bernie Phelan, Lauren Dunn, Rachel Taylor, Sara Austin, Nicky Pastore, Nathanael Scott, Pierre Proske. Severe Studio, Tamara Coles, TS Publicity, Mary Thompson, Angeline Wuysang, Issac Williams.

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