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2211 Gertrude Street, Ngár-go (Fitzroy)


Edwina Green is an interdisciplinary research-informed artist that works across sculpture, weaving, moving image, installation and painting to connect narratives of perception, historical re-framing, ecological violence and the post-colonial paradigm and its impact on Country and kin. Green's practice is strongly informed by her First Nations heritage - as a Trawlwoolway woman from North-East Tasmania. Green explores the disconnection and reconnection within conceptual experimentation through emerging mixed media works. Her practice engages, provokes and questions our place within society and our interaction with our ideas of self. Green completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Victorian College of the Arts (The University of Melbourne) in 2019, her work has since been recognised nationally and internationally.

Eco Binded, 2019 - 2022

Eco Binded is a developed chronicle of Green’s 2019 video work, ‘Ochre, in Pink.’ The evolution of this work was necessary, and relevant to Green’s expanding practice, working with text, and connectivity of language. This work, filmed in Green's hometown of Queenstown, Tasmania, was created on her first solo trip home, and climbing Mt Owen to a small open plain of sandy, pink ochre. The intentional isolation needed to connect, speak, and relate to this space in an ever-changing context, the crushing of ecologically damaged soil; the practice of walking on this Country, as a way to regain autonomy, and radically reclaim.

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