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Tahlia Palmer

Murnong (Digging for Yam Daisy), 2023

Digital video and audio

Murnong is an audio-visual project that started in 2021 when I received a gift of some yam daisy seeds. A plant of significance to my family and many others from the eastern side of this continent, it was staple food crop for Aboriginal people before European invasion. For me this plant represents sacredness, the survival of colonial violence, and an ongoing connection to the women in my family and the lives and diets of our ancestors. This project consists of documenting the plant growing in my garden, researching histories and contemporary usages, thinking and writing about survival, adaptation and resistance, and experimenting with different tools and technologies to tell different things in different ways. 



Peel Street Park, Collingwood

Artist Bio

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Tahlia Palmer is an artist of Murri and European background born on Whudjuk Noongar Boodjar (Perth, WA), working in a variety of mediums to explore history, identity and perception. Descended from a paternal line
who survived dispossession, forced assimilation and the Stolen Generations (NSW+QLD), and maternal Dutch grandparents who survived WW2, her art practice works on confronting the conditions that create and perpetuate intergenerational trauma, as well as finding pathways for healing. She releases ambient/drone/noise.

Tahlia Palmer's work was developed over a period of 7 months during her residency with the Centre for Projection Art and is generously being presented at GSPF 2023 with the presentation support of Yarra City Arts, Peel Street Projection Program.

Murnong, (digging for yam daisy), amby downs

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