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Sarah Aiken

The Zoom Out (Make Your Life Count), 2023

 Performance, Video, Audio by Andrew Wilson

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"It’s reasonable to zoom in and find yourself oversized and powerful. And in the same breath, savour how infinite and insignificant you are. Commit passionately to making a mark – and to being washed away, by the enormity of space, time” (Sarah, as the Giant)

The Zoom Out works with video material from live performance Make Your Life Count (2022), a work that looks up close at the self and considers authorship & the performance of identity: building, multiplying, destroying and replacing a Sarah who is her own protagonist- a hero in a neoliberal dream, self-actualised at all costs and pitted against all others. The individual is swollen to grotesque importance and reduced to an ineffectual, even invisible impotence

At once expansive and microscopic- monstrous and destructive or lost in the crushing scale of humanity, ecology, time and the universe, this kaleidoscopic, endless zoom-out is an attempt to shift perspective and soften the focus on the individual - to lose sight of ones self in the patterns of community, ecology and history

191 Gertrude St, Fitzroy

6PM - 12AM

Artist Bio

Sarah Aiken is a dancer and choreographer whose work investigates assemblage, authorship, scale and the self, looking at the roles of audience, performer, subject and object employing repurposed materials, sound, light to distort & manipulate perspectives to consider performance as a site for empathy & exchange. Sarah is co-director of Deep Soulful Sweats, working with Rebecca Jensen to invite audiences into cathartic and thoughtful performative experiences. Sarah was artist in residence at HIAP, Finland and is a grateful recipient of the Chloe Munro Fellowship, she is developing new works for stage, screen, gallery and site responsive contexts.

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