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Nicky Tsekouras, Zeth Cameron & Richmond West Primary School Class LA10


end-of-life fruit and vegetable produce, recycled craft materials, digital video and projection

Have you ever felt frightened by old food in your fridge? Come across a two-legged carrot? Felt curious about the disgusting? 


Would you befriend a 'VEGGIE MONSTER!'?


VEGGIE MONSTERS! celebrates the weird and gross side of what we eat, brought together by local community groups from Richmond West Primary School, the Cultivating Community program, and Yarra Youth Services artists in residence Nicky Tsekouras and Zeth Cameron. Through creative workshops facilitated by Tsekouras in Term 2, the LA10 class at RWPS learned about public and private space, shared gardens, fruit and vegetable production, and the life cycle of produce and waste. In the final workshop, students created soft biodegradable sculptures using end-of-life fruit and vegetable produce. During this activity, students considered the importance of decreasing food waste, composting, material exploration, and play in art. Now these fabulous monsters have come to life as a projection, looking bigger, grosser, and stranger than ever!

Zeth Cameron (they/them)

Zeth Cameron is a 25-year-old emerging artist working in mixed media and audio-visual intervention. Their practice is grounded in their experiences with ADHD and gender non-conformity and embraces work that is tonally ambivalent or seemingly 'incomplete' as a form of disability-led queer praxis.

Collingwood Yards Courtyard, 35 Johnston St, Collingwood

6PM - 11PM






Nicky Tsekouras (they/he)

Nicky Tsekouras is an emerging, queer and multi-disciplinary artist living and working on the unceded lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. Their practice features a deep desire for personal identity dissection and discussion through colourful and captivating outlets. Ideas explored include queerness, expression, late capitalism, sustainability and the human condition. Disruption of conventional art-making practices is increasingly becoming more prevalent as they explore new ways of navigating and responding to their surroundings and prioritising sustainable and found materials. Their current studio is at Yarra Youth Services as an artist-in-residence and, later this year, will be located at Collingwood Yards as a part of their Room to Create program.

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