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Lilah Benetti

I myself ‘am the sun, 2023


I myself ‘am the sun is a short film portrayal of an embodied act of self-assertion as a Black Queer person.

It delves into the profound correlation between the physical and metaphysical realms, emphasising the importance of individual body autonomy, encouraging a deeper understanding of our bodies and their connection to acts of self-determination and healing.

Inspired by the powerful words of renowned Senegalese filmmaker Ousmane Sembene, the title itself serves as a catalyst for introspection, an invitation on a journey of affirming brilliance and illuminating the inseparable intertwining of Blackness and Queerness.

Challenging the notion that only grand, visible moments are worthy of celebration, the film invites us to treasure the seemingly small and ordinary moments as monuments of personal significance.

Through its narrative, I myself ‘am the sun prompts us to ponder the intricate balance between being seen and acknowledged by others and what it means to acknowledge ourselves through humble acts of kindness.


Artist Bio

Lilah Benetti, a Queer Black artist and filmmaker from Naarm, is renowned for their experimental art practice spanning installation, sound, and image. Their work delves into the intricate complexities of intersectional identities, challenging Western norms and exploring pre-colonial gender expression within cross-cultural queer identities. Lilah is currently on residency with the Centre for Projection Art with a number of large scale exhibits of still and moving images upcoming across 2023-24.

GSPF Location - 53 Gertrude St, Fitzroy

(Marion Wine Bar)

6PM -12AM

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