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Hit List

Hit List is an archival space that resurrects and projects all forms of media into a make-shift cinema space. It sifts through the infinite pool of media to create a structure that resembles contemporary forms of image consumption. Establishing a space where all grades and genres of media are curated alongside each other into one continuous stream of footage. It aims to compile and merge dead media, unseen footage, alongside canonized and overexposed media back into a forgotten space of the projected image. Hit List oscillates between operating as a platform for unrecognised media, while highlighting the engaging and sometimes obscure elements of all media forms of advertising, television, video art, documentary forms and more.

Hit List: Greatest Hits (2023) is a compilation of the previous screenings ‘Play with Me’, ‘Fame Monster’ and ‘Second Life’. It features works from Tim Hardy, Carmen-Sibha Keiso, Gabrielle Skye Nehrybecki, Harry Hughes and Moss Lasica Wood alongside sourced material.

Composite, Collingwood Yards, 35 Johnston St, Collingwood

6PM- 9PM

Artist Bios

Hit List is curated by Bella Besen and Nica Nervegna-Reed.

Bella Besen is based in Melbourne and completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at VCA. Besen’s recent exhibitions include ‘Oasis Playground’ Wethouse (2022), ‘Anything is Possible’ 211-215 (2023), ‘Void (Poetry)’ Centre D’editions Melbourne (2022) and ‘The Field’ Gertrude Contemporary (2023).

Nica Nervegna-Reed is both a writer and artist, interested in continental philosophy, cinema and politics. Grounded in a Liberal Arts degree and currently in the sculpture department at the VCA.

Tim Hardy is a lens based artist interested in image circulation and visual seduction.

Carmen-Sibha Keiso is an intermedia artist, writer and curator based in Melbourne. Through a socially-collaborative and research based process, Keiso approaches their practice as a subjugated, intersectional mise-en-scéne in order to delineate how we utilise place to further understand the self.

Gabrielle Skye Nehrybecki’s work reflects her deep appreciation for the more-than-human world, life cycles, mortality and the existential human condition. Through sculpture, installation, film, projection, and sound, Nehrybecki contemplates the interconnectedness of micro and macro existences, whilst captivated by how we perceive Earth from beyond its borders.

Harry Hughes is an artist and game designer based in Melbourne. MET explores the realities of celebrities by observing the Met Gala from across the road.

Moss Lasica Wood is an artist based in Melbourne.

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