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Henry Lai-Pyne

SKINS II, 2022

Mixed-media animation. Originally commissioned by SOFT CENTRE as part of 2022 UNFURL Program

SKINS is an ongoing project exploring feedback loops between game players and game characters. Originally this was a live AV performance that attempted to channel and pronounce supernatural/ or superhuman moments in virtual characters within the context of game design and animation

SKINS II is an iteration that observes the other side of this relationship.. the human players and how certain aspects involved in gaming have an effect on IRL experience and mental health ~ looking into experiences published and shared online where ‘this video game saved my life’

The moving image work comprises minimalistic animation of virtual humanoid figures with an overlay of abstracted youtube video essays with closed captions displayed in multiple languages


187 Gertrude St, Fitzroy

(Nelson Alexander) 

6PM - 12AM

Artist Bio

Henry Lai-Pyne (aka Eek) is a multimedia artist working across moving image, live multi-media performance, game design, broadcasting, and experimental music. His creative practice often involves ‘kitbashing’, the merging of mediums, processes, and found matter to create new narrative, symbology, and world-building. Henry’s interests are centred in the symbiotic relationships and history between human and screen-focused technology and media. Henry’s individual and collaborative work has been featured at ACMI, Arts House, SOFT CENTRE, Chunky Move, AsiaTOPA, Melbourne International Film Festival, AIDLAB Hong Kong, Afterpay Australian Fashion Week, Berlin Art Film Festival, SHOWstudio, VOGUE, Fashion Film Festival Milano 2022, and Bucharest Fashion Film Festival 2022. Henry has been involved with new-media and art organisations including Liquid Architecture, Exhibitionist, MetaObjects, and Soft Centre, as well as practising artists Lu Yang, Bridget Mary Chappell, Emile Zile, Atong Atem, Jahra Wasasala, Harrison Hall, Sam Mcgilp, and Hector Clark.

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