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Anne Wagner, Am I Awake Now_, 2021. Multilayer analog and digital projections_2.png

89 George street, Ngár-go (Fitzroy)


Anne Wagner is an educator in the Art, Design and Architecture Department at Monash University and a Naarm-based spatial architect whose work navigates her dreamscapes as an oneironaut. Wagner is passionate about the invert tool as a metaphor and uses these metaphors within editing programs to combine her interdisciplinary skills to create moving images. Her practice takes an auto-ethnographic approach and encompasses her felt eco-angst through dream, time and our internal landscape to create new spatial realities.

Am I Awake Now? 2021

Am I Awake Now? We are cascading towards hell on earth with catastrophic climate breakdown. Human greed is bringing us to the brink of our mother turning to fire, shrivelling in drought, drowning in ocean water, with lives already displaced and lost all around our planet.


Am I Awake Now? is an oneironaut investigation video that explores the leaking of the artists' felt eco-anxiety into their dream realm. As Gaston Bachelard notes, “we find ourselves at a pivotal point around which reciprocal interpretations of dreams through thought and thought through dreams, keep turning.” Through the use of layering, Am I Awake Now? is a dream of liquid, a feeling of drowning and sounds of seismic blasting. Will we wake up to act on the climate crisis? Will, we keep looping in a vertical daydream?

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