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July 27th to August 6th


This winter at GSPF 2023 we invite you to dive into a [Confluence] with us. The iconic Gertrude Street Projection Festival returns for its fifteenth year in 2023.


[Confluence] is an act of coming together, a merging of two rivers! The festival this year reflects this, and activates multiple sites along Gertrude Street. Weaving together community + art, public + space, night + light, sight + site. Bringing our community together with projections by our 11 artists-in-residence alongside some special projects, offsite activations, events, parties, talks and screenings.

For 12 nights from [ July 27th to August 6th ], we activate the civic spaces of Gertrude Street with conceptual video artworks made by artists Lilah Benetti, The ElectroPoetics, Alana Hunt, Tahlia Palmer, Juan Rodriguez Sandoval, Jamali Bowden and Leitu Bonnici, Melody Woodnutt, Henry Lai-Pyne, Sarah Aiken, Tully Arnot, Naina Sen, alongside community projects.


Join us as we invigorate our senses through the merging strands of history, technology, experience, materials, politics, and emotions. Project your subjectivity and reflect with us on our collective worlds, in this Confluence of interlacing sensations.

Epiphytes, 2021

Audio-Visual Tully Arnot


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