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SITE #13

A Nail Nailing Itself, 2019 is manipulated to look like the nail is being hammered into a wall, rendering the hammer and the artists hand absent. Nails are mass produced and sold in large quantities; they need another object to fulfil their function and the value of the nail decreases when the quantity does. A Nail Nailing Itself, explores the objects use-value, and the nails potential to function autonomously without the need for its counterpart, the hammer. This nails agency, it's ability to act independently and to make its own free choices, parallels the common aspirations of a revolution.

Yusi Zang is a Beijing-born multidisciplinary Artist living and working in Melbourne. Connecting the poetics of her inner thoughts with the realism of banal objects, Zang’s work overthrows the visitor’s sense of the familiar. Zang reconciles the concepts of boredom and the sublime, and then revolts against the commonplaces of existence.