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Artist Yandell Walton has partnered with Signal Arts to collaborate with a group of young activists celebrating the Youth Climate Movement. Voice empowers a group of young people to speak up in solidarity about the Climate Emergency and create a collaborative public artwork that focuses on connectedness. It is young people who will inherit the consequences of decisions made today and throughout history, they have demonstrated how creativity, passion and innovation can lead social change movements.

Yandell Walton's artwork encompasses projection, installation, and interactive digital media. Melding architectural space with the projected image, Walton has become recognised for her immersive projection works that merge the actual and the virtual to investigate notions of impermanence in relation to human impact on the environment. Walton is a passionate advocate for projection art; she facilitates community development projects, workshops and masterclasses in projection art, and has collaborated with community groups from refugee backgrounds, indigenous communities and youth.


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