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With a curatorial framework predicated upon a vanishing point, the Visual Arts program for Perspective sees emerging producers from Atherton Gardens working with Yarra Youth Service’s Artist In Residence program delivering works that will inspire delight and contemplation in audiences. Four video projections will operate as visual cues to guide audiences from Gertrude Street and into the heart of the Perspective  project; The Block party on the Atherton Gardens Basketball Court.



SITE #08_B

Bianca Raffin
with  Nakier Chol

Bianca Raffin’s discreet, site-specific projection work probes the theme of belonging that underpins this year’s GSPF closing party.

Exploring shared ceremonial experiences, Bianca’s Festival response examines video sculptures of quotidian rituals drawn from the convergence of her own cultural heritage with that of the varied representations reflected in the Atherton Gardens Housing Estate.


Bianca Raffin

At the heart of Bianca Raffin’s practice is a curiosity for observing narratives.

Bianca interrogates playful representations of the mundane, transforming simple interactions into thoughtful articulations. She works across painting, illustration, writing, film and music; music, in particular, has captured her imagination for the better part of 10 years, where Bianca has played drums for a range of Melbourne bands.


Nakier Chol

Best described as bold, talkative, energetic and determined, Nakier Chol is a 19 year-old South Sudanese Australian who has spent the last 14 years inspiring her peers in and around Atherton Gardens.


Nakier is a Yarra Youth Ambassador, public speaker, freelance model, DJ, MC and a voice for her Community members.


Her hard work and dedication to help others strive for change has been recognised and applauded by many in the community. Last year she was invited to speak at Victorian Legal Aid Conference, Researchers for Asylum Seekers Interdisciplinary Conference and this year she was invited to speak to Melbourne University students about her experiences while growing up in Melbourne.


Nakier has recently just joined the Justice-involved young people advisory group and is the current Project Manager for Kids Own Publishing new project.


Brody Xarhakos

with Ror Akot


Inspired by data visualisation, Brody X will explore the movement, activity and atmosphere of Atherton Gardens.

Incorporating field recordings, animation and live action footage, TRACER depicts movement through space and time by mapping different routes and pathways traversed by people within the housing estate.


The patterns that emerge present a tracing of perambulation, interrogating the movement of private lives in public space.

Brody Xarhakos

Ror Akot

BrodyX is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice plays with light, geometry and transitions between the quiet and the turbulent. His most recent works explores the intersection and focus of form and formless space.

Ror is an emerging artist of all flavours. He raps, he writes, he acts, he creates.

In 2012, at the tender age of 14, Ror penned his first verse. This marked the beginning of an affinity with music. The next few years Ror explored the depths of his creativity, launching his rap debut album “Hear Me Ror” in 2014 and starring in the autobiographical documentary “Ror”, which toured globally.

Ror’s music is inspired by life - he combines his story, the stories of his peers, and of his homeland, Africa. Influenced by a long tradition of American hip hop that prides storytelling over instrumentals, Ror is inspired by the greats - 2pac, Nas, Rakim, Wutang Clan and 50 Cent.

Venturing out of the hip hop scene, Ror moved into acting in 2014 featuring in the short film “Hope City”. After being recognised for his role in “Hope City”, Ror landed a role in the SBS drama series “Sunshine” in 2016.

Ror has also experimented in theatre, touring Australia twice, including as Caliban in a production of “The Tempest”. He was a member of Uprising Theatre from 2013 -2015, and he starred in “Amka” at the Arts Centre in 2017.

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Jamal Twycross Smith

with Akolda Bil


Jamal Twycross Smith


Akolda Bil

This immersive, intimate and enclosed video experience wraps the viewer in a vibrant, life sized illustrative scene that functions as a conceptual end-point of the Block Party.

Jamal is a Melbourne-based multimedia artist of Australian/Indian heritage.

In 2015 he completed a Bachelor of Multimedia & Digital Art at Monash University and is currently an Artist in Residence at Yarra Youth Services, Fitzroy. 

He has exhibited across Melbourne and featured in the 2018 Gertrude Street Projection Festival Mini, whilst also being a participant in the 2019 Video Masterclass with Yandell Walton.


Jamal's work is a very personal expression, focusing less on direct statements/opinions and more on a sense of emotion and experience. He hopes that when people see or interact with his work, it inspires them to reflect truthfully upon themselves.

Arriving in Australia as a refugee from Sudan, Akolda Bil, or AKB, spent his early years in Newcastle, NSW.

Akolda and his family moved to Fitzroy in 2011, where he attended Fitzroy High School.  Akolda grew into the rich creative fabric of the area, finding outlets in music, art and working with young people to feather his ambition.

His leadership within music flourished, and soon AKB was inspiring his community with his resilience and his flair for motivating others around him to transcend history and find their voice.

SITE #08_F

Community Activates

Natasha Brennfleck

Natasha’s response to the belonging that courses through Atherton Gardens operates as a personal reflection of her own constituents of belonging; play, cheekiness and curiosity.

Employing ambient visuals responding to the subtle interplay between light, nature and tactile spaces, Natasha’s work encourages audiences to explore playfulness, through projection and sculpture.


Natasha Brennfleck

Natasha Brennfleck’s practice is a discursive spatial practice, integrating soft-sculptural forms with video and light in both gallery and public spaces. Through this practice, Natasha activates notions of animating, and performing city space(s).

Natasha’s work focuses on active participation from audiences, with a central focus on accessibility in the arts. Her work challenges the ocular-centric making and viewing of contemporary art. Natasha aims to offer an alternative through touch, play, and intuitive exploration.

Natasha lives and works in Melbourne. Her work is held in private collections around Australia. Natasha has exhibited internationally and locally and is currently working towards a solo show at Rubicon Gallery (Melbourne) later in the year, and is a current Artist In Residence at the City of Yarra’s Yarra Youth Services.

SITE #08_D

The Secret Life of Animals

Anna Thomson

Annie Edney

School children from Richmond

The Secret Life of Animals is a unique theatre performance exploring notions of differences and similarities between humans and animals. Using puppetry, physical theatre and interactive theatre, The Secret Life Of Animals illuminates the environmental impacts of how we live together with animals - and how they are treated - whilst imaginatively expanding themes of "self and other" through play and games.

Devised by theatre practitioner Anna Thomson in partnership with puppet maker Annie Edney and school children from and around the Richmond Housing Estate, The Secret Life of Animals provides a magical platform at twilight for families and children to experience fundamental components of projection in a performance aimed to educate and delight.

SITE #08_C

Another Brick In The Wall

Jamal Twycross-Smith

with Fitzroy High

Another Brick in the Wall is a site specific digitally developed portraiture program delivered by Jamal Twycross-Smith in collaboration with students from Fitzroy High School.

This work explores the playful and the personal, re-imagining representations of the self in the grey areas of public and private lives.

SITE #08_E

Cuts of Chaos

Chelsea Hickman and

Yarra Youth Services Fashion Program

Projection and fashion intertwine in the exploratory realm of Cuts of Chaos. Designs from the Yarra Youth Services Fashion program will bring forth mayhem and deconstruction, integrating the simple with the spectacular, disassociating ideals of luxury and expense, modelling the fresh and the expressive.

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Sam Fraser


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