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SITE #20

The Habitat video installation series (Habitat 2016, 2017, 2018) draws from research in the documentary, archives, rituals and contested sites from Australia’s colonial legacies in Bougainville during Papua New Guinea’s independence period. The Habitat series are immersive multi-channel video installations that explore converging perspectives and locations fraught with political, environmental, social and historical disasters. These works explore the complex and precarious cultural, socio-economic and environmental context of the region and by extension speaks to other cultural contexts globally.

Taloi Havini lives and works between Sydney and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, currently part of PNG. Utilsing photography, immersive video and mixed-media installations, Havini’s practice examines cultural responsibility, from her being born into a position of inheriting Nakas traditions in Bougainville to now residing in Australia. Havini’s work centres on the deconstruction of the social and political significance of place and the intergenerational transmission of Indigenous Knowledge Systems. Havini engages with living cultural practitioners as well as Oceanian material collections and archives to explore pacific cultural heritage.