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Symposium of Grief is a game discussing loss and the greyness of conflict that arises as we try to cope. You play as Ghost, a sad little friend who happens to be crying the entirety of their journey. Ghost is missing half of their heart and has taken it upon their fragile shoulders to find this missing piece. Where is this piece? Where has it gone? How can we find it? How can the two pieces even reunite? These are very difficult questions that we can avoid and ignore in order to proceed to a non-sequitur involving the use of belly lint and hotdogs.

T-Dog eXtreme is a cool person that does a few things here and there. Sometimes there are games, sometimes there is art, and sometimes there is other stuff too; but T-Dog doesn’t want to just lay all their cards out on the table like that, you know? Their art has been featured across multiple magazines, including the front cover of Verandah 33, and is a consistent Graphic Contributor for Melbourne University’s Farrago. T-Dog eXtreme's most recent game Symposium of Grief was nominated for Best Narrative Design and Best Student Game as part of Melbourne's Freeplay Festival 2019. Symposium of Grief has been nominated for an Indie Prize Award and was featured at Casual Connect in London 2019.