SITE #11

Gertrude St. Keepsakery is a hand drawn virtual reality Wunderkammer that visitors can enter and walk through. As they do, they will encounter 3D scanned objects that they can touch and hold. The visitor will hear an audio recording of the object’s story contributed by a member of the local community. These interactions will then be shared with the Festival audience via projections and a PA system. Gertrude St. Keepsakery takes a somewhat soft approach to ideas of revolution and hopes to remind visitors of the value in listening, holding and sharing each other’s stories, memories and keepsakes.


The artists would like to thank all of the Keepsakery contributors for sharing their stories and treasures with the artists.

Susannah Langley is a visual artist whose practice is rooted in experimental drawing, installation and sound, often using unconventional media such as conductive material, touch technology and virtual reality to explore ideas of history, memory, movement, feeling and space. Recently, she has begun incorporating sound into her work via field recordings. Susannah is also a Masters Degree Researcher with the Victorian College of the Arts, where she is studying the visual nature of sound.


Warren Armstrong is a new media artist with a background in virtual reality, augmented reality, mobile phone-based art, and interactive data-driven installations. Since 2013, Susannah Langley and Armstrong have collaborated on a number of works that people can move through, and touch to summon stories and sounds of other spaces. One of these artworks won the Paramor Art + Innovation Prize in 2017.


1. Wurundjeri Bushfood Planting Bee (up north at CERES Joe's Market Garden, Coburg)

2. Fire Services Museum of Victoria 

3. Meet & Eat Community Lunch, Fitzroy Community Food Centre

4. Charcoal Lane 

5. The Social Studio 

6. Bachata Corazon Tuesday, Copacabana International 

7. Belles & Chimes Pinball Tournament, Pixel Alley 

8. Jean Francois at La Niche Cafe