Wesley Dowling

Iris is a reactive website that captures and warps webcam video into halo-like patterns when activated by the motion of the viewer.

Dowling applies disruptive processes to the visual recognition of photographic digital images by applying fragmentation and distortion to the image data. He uses these methods to question the link between the photograph and the real, to open up space where queer readings and forms of being can emerge.

Colour in a digital image is created through the additive blending of three primary colours; red, green, and blue. This artwork extracts the colour information data from the webcam into separate colour channel layers. These layers are then transformed, distorted, and recombined when activated by the motion of the viewer which produces ever-changing filament structures.

Iris is part of a series of web-based works that Dowling developed during his Centre for Projection Art Residency Program in 2020. During the residency, he researched and created interactive projection works that would allow both the audience and the machine to collaborate in dialogue to produce unique artwork. Dowling also investigated how the projection of web-based artworks in public spaces can become site-responsive works that engage with the merging of physical and virtual spaces afforded by digital technologies such as network infrastructure, and mobile devices.

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Wesley Dowling

Wesley Dowling is a Melbourne-based emerging queer artist whose work encompasses lens-based and interactive digital media. Dowling creates web-browser based works that examine and queer the normative structures that are embedded in digital imaging and computing.

Dowling graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art) (Honours First Class) at RMIT in 2019. His work has been exhibited in galleries and public spaces such as Collingwood Yards (2020-21), The Wrong Biennale (2019), No Vacancy (Melbourne 2019), and West Projections Festival (2018). He was a finalist in the 2020 Midsumma and Australia Post Art Award. Dowling was commissioned by Bunjil Place to produce new work for the Midsumma Festival in 2021. He was an artist in residence in the Centre for Projection Art Residency Summer 2020 Program.

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