The Oracle

Rory Daniel

The Oracle: Artefacts from the Future
When the legendary flatlands were inundated with seawater, our tribes were forced to hug the newly formed coastline in the foothills.

With the fertile farmland decimated by the great holy inundation, the oceans became our main source of food and our primary link to other mountain tribes.

Water is the foundation of our civilisation. It has become us, and we water. Water has replaced all gods. It rewards our worship with a bountiful harvest and gets angry when we displease it.

Our civilisation is very different from what our scant history texts tell us about your world. Our needs are as simple as our fragile environment can handle. We long ago lost your technologies as disease and famine took away our people, and the knowledge with it.

Our one innovation was the oracle. This gift from our god allows us to send messages through time.

Our message is simple. Accept that as an animal, you are a part of the ecology of this planet. Blend with it, don’t fight or try to control it. Become a part of nature, as we have, and true happiness will become you.

Humanity, 2520.


This performative project uses video to examine the primordial foundations of the human and to investigate how social norms are used to mask our inner animal.
This process uses the expressionistic Butoh dance style to conjure an imaginary world where the line between humans and other species is blurred.

The Oracle
Rory Daniel

Rory Daniel’s creative practice combines video, performance, installation, and photography.

He uses expressive Butoh dance style to convey ideas around posthuman and post-anthropocentric philosophies, concepts around the human species as an animal, and human behaviours that result from our denial of death.

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The OracleRory Daniel
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