The Chaordic Age

Brody Xarhakos

The Chaordic Age will explore dendritic forms thriving off new directions of versatility and diversity.

There is a time and space where collective intelligence has created a society that is more harmonious than ever before; where self-organising organisms transcend old structures, old patterns, old ways of thinking, old limiting belief systems and conditioning.

The Chaordic Age is a video projection piece for an age where everyone realises their potential. It is a work that reflects organisations, institutions, individuals, society and the biosphere in a more harmonious embrace with the natural world, aligned with the higher aspirations of humanity.

Branching arms of projections will reflect this utopian frequency, where nodes and networks consciously interweave in awareness of their energies and vibrations.

The Chaordic Age will present an aesthetic of communion between the internal and the external; the present and the future; surface and soul; aspiration and reality.

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The Chaordic Age
Brody Xarhakos

Brody Xarhakos is a multi-disciplinary artist whose foundational practice concerns itself with public space. Taking a number of principles from graffiti, such as; the visual, spatial, technical, and spontaneous acts of mark-making, Xarhakos embeds a methodical approach to the exploration of light, geometry, and transitions between the quiet and the turbulent.

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The Chaordic AgeBrody Xarhakos
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