RMIT Arts Unions Prize:

Yandell Walton

Dreams could be anything and everything from aspirations, to disasters and fantasies. The second GSPF enticed artists to respond to their Dreams, projecting vibrant images along Gertrude Street of ideas, emotions, and sensations, provoking the greater community to widen their imagination to what could be possible.


Yandell Walton, Lise Couchet and Christy Bryar, Nick Azidis, Ian de Gruchy, Zoe Scoligo, Hugh McSpedden and Maggie Fooke, Trewlea Peters, Jeffrey Philips, Angela Barnet, Vanessa Montgomery, Jelena Telecki, Kristiarne Anthony, Jade Critch, Morgan Campbell, Arika Waulu Onus, Kate Faulds, Nicholas Meadows, Inez De Vega, Linda Riseley, Hannah Dupree, Michael Gray, Jie Renouf, Bradley Kite, Jo Harrison, Chris Butcher, Aksana Hugo Anastas, Christina Bowen, Anna Willoughby, Amanda Morgan, Jasmine Fisher, Sherwin Akbarzadeh, Janet Vost, Cat Wilson, Helen Punton, Kirsten Honey, Monique McNamara, Pandie, Willem De Jong, Kris Morris, John Waller, Helen Punton, Rebbecca Synnott, Lisha Corcoran and Kate Aitken, Tanya Nally and Kara Lynne Cummings, Nina Sers, Ross Gardam, Jacinta Stephenson, Debora Varrasso, Judy Brandt, Louise Cooper, Juliette Dujardin, Sean Crowley, Martin Smith, Kit Webster, Michael Goodfellow, Salote Tawale, Kate McCartney, P.J Fotiades, Jeffrey Phillips, Grant Cook, Jemma Woolmore, Lock Morley, Lucy Farmer and Carla Chianese, Andrew Fraser, Domenico Bartolo, Pene Durston and Dell Stewart (Cull,) Erin Smith and The Directory (Matthew Mulcahy, Timmon Owler and Joanna Short,) Visionary Images Next Young Leaders (VINYL Studio,) Artful Dodgers, Brazilian Dream Project, Glen Waverley Secondary College.



Malcolm Turner, Melissa Delaney, Olaf Meyer, Trewlea Peters, Lise Couchet, Stefan Grun, Emma Shaw, Lisa Feleppa, Claudia Gleave, Eddie Zammit, Brett Perryman, Nicole Reed, Louise Cooper, Bernie Phelan, Jane Nolan, Luke Hodge, Kelly Drennan, Angela Barnett, Maria Frendo, Angeline Wuysang, UP&UP Creative Team, Monique McNamara, Kym Ortenburg, Ian de Gruchy.

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Gertrude Street Projection Festival acknowledge the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation, the traditional owners of the lands on which Gertrude Street Projection Festival is located.