A collaborative mural with Melbourne artist Michael Fikaris, supported by Brody Xarhakos and young participants from Yarra Youth Service’s Graffiti Diversion program.


Drawing inspiration from the jungle and its overgrowth, Into Place continues a Michael Fikaris motif of breathing life through the driving concrete of our cities by “greening” them with intimate and engaging geometry drawn from the environment. 


Into Place is a mural that reflects the shapes and sounds of the city, incorporating patterns of life, parks, people, homes, bridges and landmarks of our physical and metaphorical horizons into its design.


Sitting side by side with Chris Parkinson and Jamal Twycross-Smiths responsive video work, Splutter, Into Place presents a site-specific conceptual mural, uniquely shining esteem upon young graffiti artists, juxtaposing their energies from out of place contexts and into places of positive community engagement. 

Michael Fikaris is an Australian multidisciplinary artist whose career has spanned nearly 20 years. Initially a central figure in both Melbourne’s comic book and street art movements in the early 2000’s, Fikaris has expanded their oeuvre into print making, small press publishing and large-scale painting.

Fikaris has worked extensively on projects locally and internationally with varying communities as well as art institutions and educational bodies. As a freelance artist and community driven project leader, Fikaris has been publishing anthologies under the name Silent Army comic collective since 2002 and in 2017 was awarded the Platinum Ledger Award for outstanding service to Australian comics.

Fikaris is currently compiling a collection of works for a European publisher due out in late 2019.

BrodyX is a multidisciplinary Artist whose practice plays with light, geometry and transitions between the quiet and the turbulent. His most recent works explore the intersection and focus of form and formless space.


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