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SITE #04

Liminal Conversations is a projection commissioned by Proximity Collective. The work is an interdisciplinary conversation between writer Shannon May Powell and graphic artist Louis Grope. The work reflects a new visual dialogue of two mediums breaking down structures imposed by media. The video scrolls through Powell’s words, creating a dreamlike sense of nostalgia and touching on themes of self-reflection. Grope subverts the flow of Powell’s prose with geometric shapes, akin to the chaotic disruption of buildings and architectural structures that form Melbourne city. This conversation of medium: words, graphic grids, architecture; and the metaphysical: the space between, the mind, illusions, memory, splayed on the exterior of buildings uncovers the coming together of interior and exterior worlds.

Louis Grope (Graphic artist)

Shannon May Powell (Writer)

Marley Sheridan (Co-curator of Proximity)

Louis Grope is a digital Artist and Designer specialising in type and publication. Taking inspiration from his surrounding environment and experiences, Grope wills his audience into total submission to the depths of conceptual design, employing structural and emotive reference points within his artworks.


Shannon May Powell’s writing and photography explore intimacy, with a particular focus on gender, sexuality and identity. She has exhibited in Australia, Europe and the US and has been commissioned by national and international publications such as Vogue, i-D magazine, and Whitelies Magazine, where she contributes regular columns and photographic content.


Marley Sheridan is a Melbourne based Artist and Experience Designer. Sherdian, alongside Claudia Sinacori, curate Proximity Collective, an immersive space for artists to dive into explorative states of electronic music, performance, digital art and fashion.