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Surface Tension is an exploration of moving image dedicated to the element of water as a metaphor for human emotion. Water is an emotive element having surface, depth, movement, refracting light, transparency and the ability to reflect its surroundings … always shaped by external influences and tensions. Water is changeable and transformative, a liquid, an icy solid, a vapor, a cloud. By looking at the surface motion of water, we can determine if the conditions within are calm or rough, serene or dangerous. Careful observation reveals hidden layers. Surface Tension explores how transient visual changes can awaken our senses, at times revealing layers, depths and histories of complex emotions that lie beneath the surface of objects and other beings … a metaphor for our own responses and feelings.

Jutta Pryor is a multi-media artist with experience in the commercial, technical and fine art sectors. Her artistic practice has evolved from printmaking and photography to include experimental moving image work, cine-poetry, sound, film and improvised projection art for live events and immersive installations. Pryor’s work often involves online collaboration with sound artists, writers and performers, both local and international, to create emotive, immersive sensory time-escapes. Pryor’s experimental poetry films have been shown at film festivals in Australia, Europe and the United States.