Parkies 24.6 (High Res JPEGs)-91 - James



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James Henry is working with the local Parkies to create a series of portraits to celebrate the Aboriginal history and Parkie identity of Fitzroy, Collingwood and surrounding areas. This locale holds special significance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Regular occupants of the parks around here came to refer to themselves as ‘Parkies’. For a long time they have gathered in this area; it is their meeting place; they come here to share what they have, to feel connected and to tell a story or play a song.

James Henry has been working as a photographer since the start of 2010. Starting out by working alongside his job as an event’s organiser and musician, he made the transition across to shooting events quite easily and had a lot of clients keen to work with him in his new field.


James has since tried his hand at various disciplines from travel landscapes and cityscapes to fashion for his own personal projects. This has given him skills to take into the world or portrait photography for which he has been in demand across the state and across the country.


Being a part of the Aboriginal community in Melbourne, James has been widely used with regular high profile clients and small businesses. This is due to his reputation for quality and punctuality, but also for his cultural sensitivity and familiarity in the community. Having worked across the country in Aboriginal urban, rural and remote communities this understanding and respect for culture extends far beyond his home of Melbourne.