SITE #06

Using emoji texts sourced from online and personal transcripts we examine the idea of how communication is subverted. :P Where the send/reply interaction is a commonplace and simple transaction – unless one half of the interaction is in a completely different language and the grammatic rules are a complete mystery. Miscommunicated or misunderstood transactions with text and pic-form replies – emojis, memes, ASCII art over simple digital exchanges can make for some ‘interesting’ maybe titillating (who knows) conversations. Unintentional or not we resort to the cute graphic representations of sentiment called emoji - It’s simpler than having to craft a wordy response, right? And I skimmed your message soz ;) 

Charlie Fry

Jacob Tolo

The word tutu is from the Māori loosely meaning to tinker/fiddle with things that you don't really have any knowledge of. Tutu Collective (TC) is a gathering of creative fiddlers from various disciplines tinkering with ideas, technologies, art and design. This current iteration of TC takes a Samoan Kiwi and an Australian, throws in some projectors, a laptop and a whole lot of tutu-ing till we get told off.