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SITE #11

Con Cambia invites the viewer to disrupt an uninspired life of monotony, disconnection and the familiar pattern of commute-crowd-cubicle-commute. Via an interactive interface, viewers can introduce new experiences and add layers to existing ones, highlighting the possibilities for change that exist inside and outside the confines of routine. The aim of this work is to give the viewer an experience of making change both in the public space of the projection and the imagined life represented in the work. As viewers continue to engage with the work, the original loop of images will be transformed into a completely user-disrupted creation.

CVES is a mixed media artist using electronic music and projection art to create immersive experiences. The idea for CVES (pron: caves) emerged while living Mexico City and working with musicians and artists to showcase their work in a mixed-use space. CVES has collaborated with artists and performers in Melbourne and Vietnam to create work that syncs visual and audio components into an integrated whole.