The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades” – TIMBUK 3
I'm gonna suture up my future, I ain't jaded, I just hate it” – QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE
Here we go, let me remind you. Look ahead, the past is behind you” – JONAS BROTHERS
I can remember when this was the future, where it was gonna be at back then. Why don't we tear the
whole bloody lot down, and make a new start all over again?

If a society/culture/individual cannot imagine a future where they are the centre of that narrative, then are they left to fulfil someone else’s visions of themselves?

PAST PRESENTs FUTUREs hits fast forward to 500 years from here, asking artists for speculative visions far beyond the now and considers the importance of one or more of the following: colour, race, gender, sexuality, age, ability, class and nationality. People and our environments are the impetus for project responses. How are they manifested in your future? What have you managed to take with you and what have you left behind in this new utopia. Or has it all gone to hell and you want to warn us all of what’s to come!

With science and technology at the forefront of our collective futures, we are also prompting artists to consider experimental works that incorporate these fields and how they are instigated in their futures. This may be either explicit or implicit in the project’s outcome and open to any speculative technologies or scientific exploration.

Amongst the projection works we invite submissions this year from digital artists working with new technologies and written submissions that can be adapted for the medium. Collaborations are also encouraged between disciplines to interrogate this year’s theme.

We take with us our knowledge and stories that tell of who we are and where we have come from. Stories that will help shape our future.

Jacob Tolo