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Intense, large and confronting, Empowered Women subverts and challenges the patriarchal disempowerment of women by placing the focus on the perpetrator. Traditions are broken down and women are encouraged to stand up and say no to fixed identities and stereotypes. Empowered Women shines a light on violence against women and encourages the audience to fight against disempowerment and abuse.

Caroline McGrath is a Visual Artist living in Melbourne and has a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Murdoch University (2009) and a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from Curtin University (2013). McGrath’s practice incorporates various mediums including photography, installation, video, performance, drawing, painting and printing. Her practice focuses on women and the patriarchal disempowerment, powerlessness and victim-blaming they experience relating to sexual assault, domestic violence and murder. Incorporating humour and horror, McGrath’s work draws on these experiences and uses her own body as the subject. McGrath’s current work is an investigation of trauma and the effects experienced from women of emotional, physical and sexual abuse.