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SITE #09

Spun is the fairy tale transformation from an imperfect reality to dreamscape, inter-spliced with the unfounded nightmarish fears of what could go wrong. This work explores the perpetual chase for change and how this can be subverted by the idea that what exists in front of us can be changed through perception. Is what is unfolding if front of you actually happening? Or is your subconscious playing tricks on you? Let Spun take you on a creative spin.

Alisha O'Neill

Amy Guthrie

Chelsea Michelle

Daniel Munnery

Emily Dober

Pamela Debrimcat

Paul Sunderland

Teagan Connor

Wade Cameron

David Pennay (Facilitating Artist)

ArtLife engages artists with disability with professional artists to collaborate and develop new work, build capacity and change perceptions. Footscray Community Arts Centre (FCAC) facilitates these opportunities through a variety of artistic disciplines including visual art, performance, music, sound art, digital media, animation, photography and movement. Participants work alongside professional artists and have the opportunity to take part and lead projects as part of FCAC’s program.